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Remote WhatsApp API Development

Remote WhatsApp API Development

I recently worked on WhatsApp’s business API. I had excellent success with WhatsApp Business API. Create the scenario and create 5 separate accounts.

I started by setting up a Facebook business page. After that, I set up the hook and created a Facebook(Meta) developer account. I’ve started the process of creating templates and connecting them to a MySQL database by code after finishing the hook configuration.

I finished my first chatbot adventure using that method. I worked diligently to assign a name to the WhatsApp number with the green check. once the account has undergone formal verification. you can preview chat bot by clicking on Whatsapp icon on the page.


Do you want to connect with hundreds & thousands of users on WhatsApp instantly to drive 3x more sales & conversions from Day 1
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Does your Business need WhatsApp Business API?

Do you really need to take your Business’ Marketing & customer support on WhatsApp?


Why? Well, you should be marketing on WhatsApp because:

1. WhatsApp has 2.2 Billion Monthly Active users

2. WhatsApp Notifications have a 98% Message Open rate 

3. 45-60% Click-through Rate/ Engagement Rate

4. An average user opens WhatsApp 23 times each day. 

5. It’s the perfect place to provide Personalized Customer Experiences.

To give you a perspective, Emails only have a 21% open rate & 2-5% Click-throughs. 

Difference between WhatsApp Business App & WhatsApp API

1. WhatsApp Broadcast Limit of 256 users

2. Only users who’ve added you to their contacts will receive the Broadcast.

3. There’s no option to track  analytics

4. You can’t integrate WhatsApp Chatbot to automate customer support.

5. You can’t send messages with Clickable Buttons or Quick Replies

To counter these limitations, you can use WhatsApp Business API for multiple users.

Here’s how WhatsApp API compares to the WhatsApp Business App:



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