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Expressuinengine Future of CMS

i completed 15+ websites in expressionengine. i am working on expressionengine from first launch of version 1.7 to 7+.
in my journey i learned a lot like :

  • Complete website management
  • Installation & updates
  • Migration from old to new version
  • Migrate from one server to another server
  • Template management
  • core programming on templates
  • Channel management
  • Field group and management
  • Role management
  • Member settings
  • Config file settings
  • Add-on
  • Entry Cloning
  • Front-end content management
  • Multiple sites management
  • Optimization
  • Bugs & troubleshooting
  • Complete security audit & presentation
  • Ecommerce
  • Module development.

I am in love with Expressionengine and used it for almost all my project (big and small) for 8 years or so. If you have a big project it can handle it like a charm!
The world’s most flexible & secure open source CMS. Combining a thriving developer community with best-in-class support, Expressionengine is mission control for your website’s content. Trusted by the world’s top brands…



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